Passionate about Life and how to be the creator of one's own destiny, I am constantly seeking to better understand the relationship between the inner and outer world. This research has lead me to become an artist and to explore different paths. I have been especially interested in the concept of the everyday work of Art and in this sense I like to believe that everyone can be the Artist of one’s own life and make it as meaningful as (s)he dares to.

In the course of my diving into the ocean of life I have become more and more familiar with the notion of the "Sacred", which bears the meaning of deeply cherishing a concept, an object, a person... ones home, nature... 

My is an homage to the profound meaning of life, love and creation, which is also very personal. I think it always carries poetry and tenderness inside - this is what I want to convey with everything I create. 

My name is Annette Hormann and I am currently living in Brussels/Belgium.  I am German with a preference for sunshine. Other than my native language I speak French and English fluently, Spanish a little less.